Staying up to date with your vehicle's maintenance needs is crucial in preserving its performance and longevity. Folks searching for Ford service near me, are already aware of this fact. What they may still be wondering, however, is where their car can receive these services.

Well, we've got the answer for you, and it's right here at 24 Ford of Easton! From routine procedures to detailed repairs, our service center has the equipment, parts, and team to get you back on the roads safe and sound.

To learn all about our Ford service center, continue reading the sections below!

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The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Correcting the wear and tear of an automobile is done similarly to how we correct the wear and tear on our bodies. Think back to your last dental cleaning. Most likely, there was no imminent health concern that prompted your appointment, but rather an effort to prevent any future damage.

Automotive maintenance is scheduled and performed for similar reasons. While your vehicle may be in good health, keeping it healthy is important. Thus, you bring your car into the dealership for regular visits. When performed often, these service appointments can be straightforward and can even prevent the need for detailed repairs down the line.


Common Types of Automotive Services

The professionals of our service center are equipped to tackle most types of vehicle maintenance procedures, including:

Oil changes: Your car's oil can deteriorate over time, which in turn, can cause malfunctions with your car's engine. To prevent this, our crew will replace the oil with a fresh batch.

Tire rotations: Uneven wear on your tires not only affects the performance of your tires, but the overall handling of your vehicle. By allowing us to use our specialized equipment to rotate your tires, you can even help to increase your vehicle's gas mileage.

Battery replacements: Your car's battery allows the vehicle to run. Replacing a worn out or faulty battery with a new one can get you back on the roads safely and effectively.


How Our Service Center Can Help

Now that you know a bit about the importance of vehicle maintenance, let's go over the ways in which our Ford service center has you-and your vehicle's back.

Our maintenance department is staffed by a team of professionally trained automotive technicians who will work diligently to ensure you're back on the roads safely. Using a combination of specialized equipment and genuine parts, they've got what it takes to get the job done. Whether your Ford is in need of a routine inspection or detailed repair, you can trust our team to provide your ride with the utmost care.

If it's time to schedule a service appointment, simply fill out the corresponding appointment scheduler here on our website. Alternatively, you can always take advantage of our Ford QuickLane® Tire and Auto center. Your car will receive the same care and attention to detail, all without the need of an appointment.


Make Your Ford Service Appointment Today

There's a whole world waiting to be explored. Ensure you're well equipped for the journey ahead by scheduling a Ford service appointment with the team at 24 Ford of Easton today!

We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, contact us.


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